Wedding Trends in 2021
Sustainable Weddings
Sentimental Personal Touches

Personalized Experiences

 With fewer guests on the list, couples have turned towards creating personalized experiences. Customized gifts, bespoke menus, and individualized entertainment options are just some of the ways weddings have become more tailored to the couple’s unique story and their guests’ preferences.

Artisanal Items as Element of 2021 Wedding
Intimate and Inclusive Wedding Style

Intimate Inclusive Weddings

The wedding trends of 2021 reflect adaptability and a focus on what truly matters — the celebration of love between two people. While the scale of weddings may have been reduced, the potential for creativity and personalization has undoubtedly expanded. As we continue to see these trends evolve, one thing remains clear: the essence of weddings, the joyous union of lives, remains unchanged, even in the face of a changing world.